Staff Reporter

KOCHI: With the mushrooming of scan centres in the city, the Health authorities are trying to implement Pre-Natal Diagnostic Test (PNDT) Act in all its stringent form.

While there are no real means of holding a patient or a doctor responsible for revealing the sex of the foetus during an ultrasound scan, such activities are perhaps very few in the State, said a radiologist.

The radiologists fear cancellation of licence if there is any let up on their part. "A number of pregnant mothers ask about the sex of the baby. In fact, many of them ask knowing fully well that they should not do so," said another radiologist.

A radiologist said that parents have a right to know if technology makes it possible, but the rules deny them that right. However, a medical laboratory owner, who has an ultrasound scanning centre said that many couples are not really interested in knowing the sex of the baby.

The scanning centre or the responsible radiologist has to get a form filled by the pregnant mother before undergoing the ultrasound scan. These forms are sent to the District Medical Officer (DMO) in the first week of every month. A register also needs to be maintained regarding the scan.