In a bid to prevent unauthorised constructions, the Local Self-Government Department has issued the following set of guidelines to local self-Government institutions (LSGIs).

Corporation and municipal secretaries should initiate punitive measures on specific cases of building rules violation without delay.

Civic chiefs tend to act in a ritualistic manner. After issuing a temporary notice and confirmation notice to demolish unauthorised structures, they issue stay orders against demolition. Civic chiefs should exercise restraint in issuing stay orders.

The maximum time for demolition is 30 days. Action will be taken against officials abetting to delay or avoid demolition. Councils should also discuss specific cases and take collective decisions within the prescribed time.

Permits for reconstruction and repair should be issued only after getting a detailed report of the building inspector along with the photograph of the existing structure. Compliance with the permit too should be ensured.

After issuing a one-day permit, a building inspector should visit the site within 30 days to find out whether there is any violation of the permit norms. Action will be taken against the inspectors who refuse to observe the directives.

Corporations, municipalities and panchayats should form a special squad to monitor unauthorised construction at night and on holidays. On detecting such cases, the squad must issue instant notice to stop construction. Help of the police can be sought to act against violators.