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Three shutters of Mangalam dam opened

PALAKKAD: The biggest irrigation dam in the State, Malampuzha, has touched record water storage this monsoon, with the storage level touching 177.8806 metres as against 172.6421 metres in the corresponding period last year.

Three shutters of the Mangalam dam were opened on August 3 when the water level crossed the maximum level of 77.88 metres. The Pothunday dam is also filling up fast, with the water level reaching 104.47 metres. Its maximum level is 108.204 metres.

M.O. Joy, Executive Engineer (EE) of Malampuzha Irrigation Project, said the dam had record storage of water on Friday compared to the storage during the last five years. The water level in Malampuzha on Friday stood at 113.08 metres as against 112.82 metres last year. The maximum water level of the dam is 115.06 metres and the maximum storage is 226 million cubic metre (7.981 tmc). The dam has 6.281 tmc water now as against 6.096 tmc last year, he said.

The Water Resources Department issued the first warning on opening of the shutters of the Malampuzha dam on August 2. The second warning would be sounded when the water level touches 114 metres. The third and last warning for the opening of the shutters would be issued when the water level reaches 114.45 metres.

Total rainfall received in the catchments of Malampuzha till Friday was 1,139.70 mm as against the 1,682.01 mm last year. Though there is deficit rainfall, there is good flow of water, especially in the Onnampuzha, this monsoon season, Mt. Joy said.

The dam shutters were opened in the first week of September last year. If the rain continues for a few days more, the dam shutters may have to be opened in August, the executive engineer said.

The Mangalam dam shutters were opened on August 3. The water level in Mangalam dam reached 77.74 metres as against 77.79 metres during this period last year. The storage of water on Friday was 25.14 metres as against 24.91 metres in the corresponding period last year. Three shutters of the dam are kept opened as there is good flow of water in the river.

The Ponthundy dam is also getting filled up fast. The water level reached 104.47 metres on Friday as against 106.14 metres on this day last year.