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To corroborate the confessions of the accused

Staff Reporter

KOCHI: The City Police have solved the mystery, but were yet to finalise the case in connection with the abandoned charred body remains found in a canal at Mattancherry.

The keeper of the crematorium near Town Hall, Krishna Pai, 72, was arrested on August 27, while attempting to dump remains of charred bodies in a canal. He confessed to doing this many times earlier.

But the police were yet to find any scientific evidence to corroborate the confessions of the accused. Police officials were worried as experts were not sure about getting any conclusive evidence from the remains available.

"All the body remains recovered so far have only bones. We have been told by scientific experts that getting a clear idea about even the age of the dead persons using these material is difficult," said Sam Christie Daniel, Assistant Commissioner of Police (Mattanchery).

Two charred remains were found abandoned in a sack at the sewage canal behind T.D. High School, Cherlai, in early May and June. The police initiated investigations into cases of missing women after initial tests put the age of the first body near the twenties.

However, the police formed the theory of bodies being abandoned from neighbouring crematoriums after the second body surfaced. Similar nature of burns in both the instances and only torso being present without any cut injuries had led the police to the conclusion.

Even though the police had interrogated people connected with crematoriums, including the accused, they had to stop it following opposition from religious and community groups.

Initial tests proved that the first two bodies were that of women, while the last one was of a man. The police resorted to scientific methods such as superimposing the skull image with person whose body remains were suspected to have abandoned. "This could not be completed as the lower jaw was missing. Also, the chemical tests done to match the medicines that this suspected lady was taking before her death did not yield any positive results," said Mr. Daniel.

The police now plan to do carbon testing of the charred remains to get conclusive evidence regarding their identities. "Further decisions will be taken in consultation with the police surgeon," he said.

The accused was produced before the court and released on bail. Although he showed some indications of memory loss, he was fit, the police said. Case of desecrating dead bodies has been registered against him.