Staff Reporter

KOCHI: Andrea Schlunk, violinist from Karlsruhe Music School, Germany, and a violin tutor in Pforzheim, Germany, will perform in the city on Friday in a concert along with the string quartet Francis Xavier, Carol George, Joby Jose and Cheenu N.S.

The concert is being organised by the Cochin Arts and Communications at its auditorium from 6 p.m.

The programme includes Johann Sebastian Bach's Violin Concerto in A Minor, Bach's Gigue, Mozart's Adagio in E, Mozart's Eine Kleine and C. J. Petit Sonata in G Minor.

Francis Xavier is a professional solo violinist from Ernakulam and three-time winner of Kerala University Youth Festival award. He is a tutor at the Cochin Arts and Communications. Carol George is an outstanding violinist in western classical style and hails from Vypeen. He plays the viola and teaches violin.

Joby Jose is a promising talent hailing from Kottayam. He pursues western classical style. Cheenu N.S. is a young violinist groomed at the Cochin Arts and Communications. He hails from Edappally.