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UNIQUE SHOW: A view of the `Robosoccer' show held at the national technical festival, `Tathva 06', on the National Institute of Technology, Calicut, campus, near Kozhikode, on Saturday.
UNIQUE SHOW: A view of the `Robosoccer' show held at the national technical festival, `Tathva 06', on the National Institute of Technology, Calicut, campus, near Kozhikode, on Saturday.

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Students of 30 schools visit national technical festival

KOZHIKODE: Students from 30 schools visited the National Institute of Technology, Calicut, (NIT-C) campus to watch the exhibition, language laboratory and software research centre at the institute on the second day of national technical festival, `Tathva 06', on Saturday.

The first competition of the day was ``Wars in MARS (Memory Array Redcode Simulator)'', in which contestants had to vie with each other for control over the memory of a simulated machine by writing programs in RedCode, a special and simplified assembly language. `FreeMasons', which tested the masonry skills of budding civil engineers, asked the participants to build the corner of a wall with special attention to aesthetic details as well as specified standards using a given basic plan, minimal equipment and elementary building materials.

``Carte Blanche'' provided a stage for innovative designs and models in mechanical engineering at the exhibition stalls. On-the-spot event, ``Ensemble'', required the members of each team to make different parts of an assembly using the given designs and material, within a time limit. Judging was based on the smoothness and ease of working of the complete assembly once the parts were put together.

``The Alchemist'' tested the knowledge and analytical skills of chemistry enthusiasts. In this event, each team was asked to identify the given compounds using the given characteristics of the compounds and predict various reactions and end products using the materials and facilities provided.

The participants of ``Don´t KISS (Keep it Short and Sweet)'' were asked to make complicated contraptions using simple everyday gadgets.

Architect Jaffer Khan spoke on architecture and its relevance in today's world. He also presented an illuminating documentary on the Sydney Opera House. Students were given a platform to present their designs and were interviewed by jurors to identify potential masters. The scavenger hunt and POP modelling were also held.

A demonstration by S. Rammohan and Jose Jacob, additional directors, NIAR, on amateur radios elicited much enthusiasm among the students. The students were also shown the technical aspects, manufacture and a multitude of functions that HAM radios could perform.

The exciting world of Robotics kicked off with ``Transporter'' where 20 teams from different colleges competed for the cash prize of Rs.8,500, as robots simulating assembly line machines were exhibited and tested for functionality.

Nishadmon P.K. and Shilton George of NIT-C carried away the honours. Another major attraction ``Cruise Control'', with a prize of Rs.7,500, set the task of building a robot which could race down a track and finally come to a strict halt at the finish line in the fastest possible time.

Utopia, as the name suggests, is a quest for the perfect town, planned with meticulous attention by budding civil engineers.

In Matrix Mainframe, programmers were invited to control a micro-controller, the base unit of modern day electronics, with simulation software. The competition tested not only basic coding skills but also practical usage of programs.

The Colossus of Codes was a perfect arena for the computer savvy to show their programming and debugging talents in C++. They had the exhausting task of programming a nanorobot to traverse specific grid points through rudimentary instructions.

The quiz club of NIT-C, Enquire, conducted the Tathva Quiz 2006, which started with a written preliminary, followed by the final rounds for the top six teams. Formidable rounds such as the Technical Jargon Round, which involved complete technical descriptions of everyday gadgets, as well as another innovative round pertaining to theories that one would come across in everyday activities, made the quiz informative, insightful and enjoyable.




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