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Stem cells are useful in treating various diseases

  • Over 75 diseases can be treated with stem cell therapy
  • 3,800 samples have been processed at the banking facility

    KOZHIKODE: LifeCell, which pioneered stem cell banking and research in the country, has opened a collection and marketing centre in Kozhikode for umbilical cord blood stem cell banking.

    New technology now enables effective treatment of many diseases such as diabetes and blood cancer using stem cells harvested from umbilical cord blood of newborns.

    The collection centre in Kozhikode is at Mudra Apartments at Eranhipalam and can be contacted by email: cccal@lifecellindia.com.

    Kozhikode is the 18th collection centre of LifeCell in the country. It opened one centre in Dubai recently.

    LifeCell has a technology tie-up with CRYO-CELL International, U.S., which has the world's biggest umbilical cord blood bank. Stem cells collected from umbilical cord blood of newborn babies are increasingly being used to treat blood-related diseases, diabetes, heart ailments and for cosmetic treatment such as removing scars.

    Over 75 diseases can be treated with stem cell therapy.

    Over 6,000 patients have been successfully treated, Murthy of LifeCell; Prasad Mangipudi, vice-president (marketing) and P.A. Lalitha, Head (Operations), LifeCell, Kozhikode; said at a press conference on Wednesday.