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They showed lack of vision, say contractors

  • `Their top officials did not visit the State'
  • `Those deputed to oversee work were students'

    ALAPPUZHA: The role of consultancies of the Kerala State Transport Project (KSTP), which prepared estimates and supervised works under the project should be investigated, as top officials of the consultancies have not visited the State, Kerala Government Contractors' Association State president Varghese Kannambilly has said.

    Speaking to The Hindu here on Tuesday, Mr. Kannambilly said the fact that competent officials of the consultancies did not visit the State could be proved if the investigating agencies checked the records of travel of consultancy officials.

    Persons deputed by consultancies to oversee works here were mostly students of engineering colleges and even diploma holders from various industrial training institutes, he said.

    Mr. Kannambilly said the lack of vision of persons employed by consultancies was visible in the works executed as a part of the KSTP.

    Mr. Kannambilly said that mostly surface renovation was carried out as a part of the work, and the quality of work completed was not of international standard as claimed. He said the breadth of the roads renovated under the KSTP was not fixed considering the present and future vehicle density.

    Based on vehicle density, the Main Central Road should have been four lane and the KSTP did not even think of it, Mr. Kannambilly said.

    The geometric corrections carried out on the roads and the elevations of approach roads to bridges did not confirm to State standards, he said.

    Mr. Kannambilly said in the case of Alappuzha-ChanganasseryRoad renovation being carried out as a part of the KSTP, undulations were visible on the surface in many stretches.

    He said the KSTP, which was intended to serve as a model to future road constructions in the State, failed in its aim completely.

    He pointed out that an Institution Strengthening Action Plan (ISAP) was envisaged as a part of the KSTP and it never materialised.

    The ISAP was intended to upgrade the knowledge of engineers of the PWD and to upgrade the technologies of local contractors.

    Such a move was never made, Mr. Kannambilly said.