Cuisines of Tamil Nadu are getting popular in Kozhikode. After the holy month of Ramzan, hotels are busy organising food festivals, particularly exploring the delicacies from the neighbouring State.

Among the cuisines is Chettinadu, experimented by several chefs in Kozhikode. Two chefs have been roped in for the ongoing Chettinadu food festival, says Babu Abdullah, executive chef of Fortune Hotel.

Chettinadu, known for warm hospitality and world-class architecture of its bungalows and forts, is equally reputed for its cuisine. "The spices and highly aromatic herbs of Chettinadu cuisines are popular among the food connoisseurs of Kozhikode," he says.

The usage of multiple ingredients is the speciality of cuisines of Chettinadu. Green and red chillies and pepper are used in different forms.