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Horticulture project with foreign aid

KOCHI: The Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana (SNDP) Yogam is planning to launch a horticulture project with foreign aid. Talks are under way for the project, which envisages cultivation of vegetables for distribution within the country and abroad.

The project is aimed at doing away with the role of middlemen for the producers to get a better price, said Yogam general secretary Vellappally Natesan a press conference here on Wednesday.

He said a host of welfare programmes would be launched for generating employment. Launch of a chain of eateries was on the anvil. The idea was to serve tasty food at affordable rates. The project would be able to absorb students who had finished hotel management courses.

He said the yogam members could get aid under the micro-credit scheme of the organisation.

Ties with NSS

Asked about the status of association with the Nair Service Society (NSS), Mr. Natesan said the Yogam was advocating the formation of a larger platform of all sections of Hindus. Though there was a broad consensus on areas of cooperation, the society advocated a policy different from that of the Yogam on various issues during the tenure of the United Democratic Front Government. The Yogam had criticised the front on issues pertaining to the Travancore Devaswom Board.

The camaraderie between the two community organisations was affected in a series of events that followed. He alleged that the Congress took pleasure in witnessing a rift between them.

Mr. Natesan alleged that political parties were ignoring secularism and encouraging communalism. He clarified that the Yogam had no plan to launch a political party now.

On his part, he had no political ambitions and hence did not mince words whenever the occasion demanded.

Asked about the performance of the Left Democratic Front Government, he said there were a lot of expectations that failed to materialise. Nevertheless, hope was alive.