Check crimes

The number of crimes being reported from various parts of the city is on the rise. The new mechanism of the police the `City Shadows' should be able to check these. The `city shadows should also check harassment of women. These squads must be deployed at all important junctions of the city from Sreekaryam to Thiruvallam and from Airport Road to at least Nemom. People who smoke in public places should also be booked.

Jishi R.


Deploy enough personnel

`Chain snatching on the rise' ( The Hindu , 7.12.2006) was worth reading. It seems, our people will not learn any lessons from incidents of chain snatching reported in our media. People engaged in chain snatching have turned to the field, as the report said, as the process seemed to be more easier and less risky. Victims seldom lodge complaints with the police. Hidden cameras should be installed to trap culprits. This would instil confidence in the minds of the public. Effective patrolling should be done. Mufti police should be deployed. Government must extend all help to personnel engaged in law enforcement.

T.V.R. Potti