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Slew of changes at Kochi office to improve the efficiency in issuing passports

Rule comes into effect from today

Special passport adalat on June 27

KOCHI: The Regional Passport Office here will accept only applications registered online for both normal and tatkal categories from Tuesday to improve the efficiency in issuing passports and make it ‘error-free’.

Online registration is available at under the menu ‘online registration’.

An official release said the appointment date and time given by the system will be ignored and applicants are free to submit applications at any time during the working hours of the Regional Passport Office.

Those applicants, who do not have access to the Internet or are unfamiliar with online filing, can avail themselves of the services of the ex-servicemen and physically challenged service centre at the office on payment of Rs. 50. Applicants can also make use of such services from browsing centres or Internet café.

The earlier practice of making manual observations on the passport for correction of existing personal particulars, like inclusion of the spouse’s name and renewal of validity on a miscellaneous form (Form II), has been done away with, as it created problems for applicants at the immigration both in the country and abroad. For such services from June 23, a fresh passport alone will be issued on Form I with the fee prescribed.

Applicants can also apply for such services under the tatkal category. From June 23, Form II for miscellaneous services will be accepted for only ECNR (emigration check not required) and PCC (Police Clearance Certificate).

A special passport adalat will be held at the Regional Passport Office on June 27. It will be open to all those who have applied for a passport and have any grievance. They can attend the adalat without prior registration or appointment from 10 a.m. to 12 noon. Passport Office employees have volunteered to do this service on a holiday in order to help office-goers who are otherwise unable to attend daily passport adalats.

The entry gate to the office will be open from early morning to help applicants from distant areas, who queue up from the wee hours. They can use the toilet facilities.

However, applicants are advised not to bring companions, as the capacity of the office is limited even to accommodate the applicants. Passport office employees have also volunteered to issue tokens from 7.30 a.m. to help such applicants, the release said.

Normal and tatkal applicants will be separated to mange the queue.

The hall at the ground floor will be used for the purpose of normal applicants while tatkal applicants will be ushered in to the hall on the first floor. Token display systems are being installed at the office.

A computer has been installed at the entrance for applicants to check the status of their personal applications. The employees at the office have volunteered to put in extra hours of work to clear all pending applications.