Moidunni Kutty from Malappuram, and Narayanan Reghunathan from Kollam were on board the vessel.

Dubai: Rescue workers have recovered three more bodies from the capsized ship ‘Damas Victory.’ The vessel was taken out after it sank off the Doha coast during a ferry to an oil rig on Tuesday with 19 Indians on board along with people of other nationalities.

“The vessel has been taken out and three more bodies have been removed and they are trying to remove another seven. So, the exact number of people is still not clear,” said an official at HBK Power Cleaning, the company which had hired the vessel.

According to the official, the Indians who were on board include Shaukat Jafar, Mohamed Rafeeq Zamadar, Mohamed Ameen, Moidunni Kutty (from Malappuram), Abdul Hakeem, Ramzan Umar Khan Shaikh, Narayanan Reghunathan (from Kollam), Maeen Nazir Khan Parihar, Mohamed Mojammil Hussain, Mohmd Shakeel Nirwan, and Muzaffar Hussain.

The official also named the crew members and catering staff: Joseph Sosai, Josemon Vayopally Merchant, Balakrishnan Velayudhan, Jaison Varghese, Prabhu Chellam, Appa Rao, Antonio George Darchna, Surup Biswas (all Indians), Irwan Dedy and Andy Sulispio (both Indonesian). — PTI

Information awaited

Staff Reporter writes from Kollam:

Relatives of Reghunathan said they were still waiting for more information about him. On Thursday evening they received information from Doha that a search vessel had recovered 19 bodies. Only one has been taken to hospital for identification.

Reghunathan, 55, had been working in the Gulf for the past 22 years. The last time he came on leave was two and a half years ago. He was scheduled to be at home for this year’s Onam.

He had joined the ship m.v. Demas Victory, chartered by his company, only five months ago.