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Their major problem is finance: study

Women achieve 100% growth in turnover, income

Their repayment record is excellent, the study says

KOCHI: Most of the women entrepreneurs in Kerala and Tamil Nadu were enjoying a very high social and economic status after becoming entrepreneurs. However, in both the States, their participation in social and political activities was very low and their access to Information and Communication Technology was also not satisfactory.

This is one of the major findings of a study conducted by S. Santha of St. Peter’s College, Kolenchery, near here. Her study was to compare the women entrepreneurship in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. For this study, she interviewed 487 women entrepreneurs and 379 permanent employees of the organisations and also from 25 government agencies and 32 financial institutions, says a communication.

The major skill developed through entrepreneurship by most of the women entrepreneurs in Kerala and Tamil Nadu was communication. But they still lacked independence.

Most of the women entrepreneurs in Kerala and Tamil Nadu were able to achieve a growth of 100 per cent and more in the total assets, annual turnover, working capital, annual income and annual savings, etc. But significant differences were found in their annual sales, income, expenditure and annual savings.

Women entrepreneurs in Kerala were better aware of government agencies than their counterparts in Tamil Nadu. However; most of them in both the States had no awareness of government agencies.

The major service utilised from the government agencies by the women entrepreneurs in both the States was training. Most of the respondents in Kerala attended PMRY training, whereas it was EDP training in Tamil Nadu. The majority of those who attended the training were extremely satisfied.

Most of the government agencies and financial institutions in Tamil Nadu opined that women entrepreneurs were excellent in repaying loan.

The government agencies also stated that their participation in training was excellent. Most of the women entrepreneurs who availed themselves of the services of the government agencies (in both the States) were extremely satisfied with the services.

The majority of the women entrepreneurs in both the States approached public sector banks for financial assistance.

But they had not much awareness about the financial Institutions/lending schemes.