Staff Reporter

Thiruvananthapuram: The owner of a jewellery shop at Balaramapuram, near here, on Monday complained to the police that gold ornaments weighing more than 625 sovereigns had been stolen from the shop.

The police said that unidentified persons had broken into the showroom early on Monday. A part of the front shutter was seen damaged. The display cabinets were seen broken, they said. The showroom is near the local police station.

The police said they were verifying the statement given by the shop owner. He had been asked to produce documents proving that he had so much gold ornaments in his stock. Forensic experts examined the scene of crime. The police are also learned to have lifted a set of fingerprints from the scene. The showroom is opposite the office of a nationalised bank.

Extortion case

The police, on Monday, arrested two persons on the charge of extorting money from residents and local traders in the Pettah area.

The police identified the accused as “Karali” Anoop, 28, and “Palkulangara” Joy, 19. They had been high on the wanted list of the police ever since they attacked a youth who had formed a people’s committee to resist their activities. The police said the accused attempted to murder Shibu, secretary of the Karala Shiva Parvathi temple, in front of his wife and children. Shibu lost his limbs in the attack. A team led by Circle Inspector, Pettah, K. Suresh Kumar, arrested the accused.


The police arrested a 55-year-old man on the charge of tricking his neighbour into parting with her gold ornaments. The Nedumangad police identified the accused as Joy. An official said Joy, claiming to be a soothsayer, predicted immediate danger to the woman’s husband, a bus driver. He asked the woman to deposit her gold ornaments in a pot, including her “thali,” and to bury the vessel in a particular corner of her garden for 24 hours for the sake of her husband’s life. He urged the woman to mark the spot by lighting an incense stick. The police said the gullible woman believed Joy’s words and did as he said.

On Monday, a resident saw Joy shovelling earth in his neighbour’s garden. He alerted others who caught the suspect red-handed, the police said. The accused was produced before the court on the charge of theft and cheating and remanded in judicial custody for 14 days.