Staff Reporter

Kochi: An intensive drive will be launched in the district for collecting revenue arrears, including Revenue Recovery arrears and Land Revenue arrears, so as to meet the target of Rs.105 crore in the next four months, District Collector, A.P.M. Mohammed Hanish said.

The amount realised by the end of this month would be Rs.35 crore. The official machinery has already been set in motion to collect the remaining Rs.70 crore by the end of this financial year, he said.

Stringent action, including arrests, would be taken against defaulters who failed to make amends, the Collector said. Unlike in the past, the name of the arrested would be publicised, he said.

The Collector hinted that the list of defaulters include many prominent names.

He said that recovery of arrears in the district had steadily increased over the years. In 2003-’04, it was Rs.49 crore, which increased to Rs.60 crore in 2004-’05. In 2005-’06, Rs.70 crore was realised, which went up to Rs.79 crore during 2006-’07, he said.

The figure would easily go past the three-figure mark during this financial year, the Collector said.