Special Correspondent

KANNUR: Local Self-Government Minister Paloli Mohammed Kutty has called on local bodies to strengthen participation in grama sabhas. Inaugurating the front office system in grama panchayat offices at a function held in Kallyasseri here on Saturday, Mr. Kutty said that the participation in many grama sabhas was declining. Efforts should be taken by the local bodies to turn the sabhas into strong platforms.

The Minister said that the front office system was a step for ensuring people’s participation in decentralisation. More important in the plan implementation was how the funds were utilised than how much funds were utilised.

Mr. Kutty also said that local self-governments had greater access to the people’s problems than the State and Central governments. The local bodies also had greater freedom to ensure interaction with the people. The front office system was part of an effort to strengthen the popularity of the local bodies.

M. Prakashan, MLA, presided. P. Karunakaran, MP; C.K.P. Padmanabhan, MLA,; district panchayat president K.K. Narayanan; and Kerala Institute for Local Administration Director M. Ramakanthan were also present.