Staff Reporter

Thrissur: Minister for Cooperation G. Sudhakaran has said that most laws to check corruption lack teeth. He was addressing a meeting here to distribute arrears in royalty to members of the Sahitya Pravarthaka Cooperative Society (SPCS). In all, 61 writers were given Rs.2.64 lakh.

“Criminal cases are filed against the corrupt. More often, the guilty get away with it. If the laws were effective, those who allegedly destroyed the SPCS would have been behind bars,” he said.

The Minister said the SPCS was in debt to the tune of Rs.10 crore. “A sum of Rs.2.18 crore should be paid as arrears in royalty,” he said.

Writer and social activist Sukumar Azhikode said that writers were happy about, if not relieved at, the drive to revive SPCS. Addressing a meeting to inaugurate the golden jubilee celebrations of the Thrissur district PT and BSNL Cooperative Society, He said that some of the rules of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) were not favourable to cooperative banks.

“The RBI and agencies such as NABARD are imposing curbs on urban banks without considering the characteristics of each region. Bureaucrats from the middle-class run these institutions. Unlike nationalised banks and new-generation banks that are concerned only about making profits, cooperative banks help the common man and allocate a lot of funds for development of various sectors. The Minister said the State’s cooperative sector made a profit of Rs.10,000 crore over 18 months during LDF rule.