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In support of Kumbazha estate occupation

Women urged to lead the agitation

Call to keep aside political differences

PATHANAMTHITTA: The Chengara Land Struggle Solidarity Samiti organised a rally in Pathanamthitta town on Saturday, declaring support to the Sadhu Jana Vimochana Samyukta Vedi (SJVSV) in the occupation of Kumbazha estate of the Harrisson’s Malayalam Limited in Chengra, near Konni estate.

Roma, a social activist working among the women, tribals, and dalits of Mirzapur in Uttar Pradesh under the aegis of Kaimur Kshetra Mahila Majdoor Kisan Sangharsh Samiti, inaugurated the rally.

In her inaugural address Ms. Roma said women should come forward to lead the agitation for land by the landless poor.

She also stressed the need to build a popular base and participation which was above all political differences, for the success of the ongoing struggle for land by the landless poor.

Samiti vice-president Simon John presided. Bishop Geevarghese Mar Koorilos, SJVSV president Laha Gopalan, and Sreeraman Koyyon, tribal leader, also spoke.

The SJVSV activists have been occupying the private plantation since August 5, demanding five acres of arable land and Rs.50,000 in cash for each landless family among them.