‘Expression,’ a printed publication, is the offshoot of a wall magazine launched in February 2004.

What was launched as a wall magazine three years ago has now metamorphosed into a journal.

‘Expression,’ the annual journal of the English Literary Club of the Government Arts and Science College, Meenchanda, Kozhikode, is a medium through which students have been showcasing their literary skills by writing stories, penning poetries and drawing cartoons.

Writers, litterateurs, politicians and world leaders find mention in the pages as the topics dwell on literature, politics and the like.

The focus is on art and literature, though.

There are occasions for laughter and sorrow as students celebrate events and mourn the passing away of writers and world leaders in the journal.

Eminent writers

Short writings have appeared on about 31 writers, many of which were published on the occasion of their demise. V.K.N., O.V. Vijayan, Balamaniamma are some of the eminent writers who have been featured in the journal.

‘Where the mind is without fear/ And the head is held high’ from Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘Gitanjali’ gets prominent space in an Independence Day issue with items on events such as the wagon tragedy and Jawaharlal Nehru’s famous speech ‘Tryst with destiny.’

‘Expression,’ a printed publication, is the offshoot of the wall magazine launched in February 2004.

Students of the literary club have come a long way with the initiative that provides immense scope in tapping the literary skills of the students, besides eliciting their opinions, says M. Abdurahiman, Principal, Government Arts and Science College, and the former head of the Department of English.

Mr. Abdurahiman, who is also the staff editor, says ‘Expression’ provides an opportunity to the students to get acquainted with writers and poets besides finding space to express their viewpoints on various subjects.

The cover story of the current issue is on the topic ‘What literature means to me.

It provides scope for student members of the editorial board to express their opinions on the topic.

Maleeha Raghaviah