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To track the driving behaviour of road users

Vehicle has a public address system

Erring road users are shown their violations

Kozhikode: Drunken drivers and speedsters beware. The multi-functional Interceptor aimed at curbing violation of traffic rules such as speeding of vehicles and drunk-drinking will be on the road in north Kerala in the coming days.

The Rs.22-lakh Interceptor is a traffic enforcement vehicle secured from the New Delhi-based Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE) by the Motor Vehicles Department over a month ago. It has been touring the southern districts since its inception in the capital in July.

The interceptor will be in the city on September 12 and September 13; Vadakara from September 14 to September 16; Kannur on September 17 and September 18 and Kasaragod on September 19 and September 20.

The white and blue coloured vehicle has been equipped with two digital video cameras, one on the top of the vehicle and the other on its side to capture pictures even from a distance of 1.5 km. It is also equipped with a Liquid Crystal Display projector, digital video recorder, breath alcohol analyser, pollution analyser, spotlights and communication and telematics. The breath analyser installed in the vehicle can give the precise level of alcohol content. Digital prints can also be obtained.

The vehicle can be used for all climatic conditions for traffic enforcement. It has also been provided with a public address system, officials said. The cameras record the driving track or behaviour of the road user with reference to road facilities. The erring road users are shown their violations on a replay mode in the Interceptor cabin and will be fined.

Kerala is one of the six States to get Interceptor following a deal signed between the IRTE and the Union Ministry of Surface Transport and Highways.

As many as 30 Motor vehicle Inspectors in the State have been trained to use the Interceptor. Motor Vehicle Inspectors M. Rajan, Assistant Motor Vehicle Inspectors K.G.Vijayan, C.K.Anilkumar and B. Biju will be touring the northern districts. Nearly 113 cases have been registered as part of the drive against traffic violation in the district.