Special Correspondent

Submits proposals for waste management

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Federation of Residents Associations, Thiruvananthapuram, (FRAT) has demanded free health check-up and medical insurance for sanitation workers involved in clearing garbage from the city streets.

FRAT general secretary Paraniyam Devakumar raised the demand during an appearance before the Legislative Committee on Non official Resolutions and Bills to submit proposals for improving solid-waste management.


The recommendations submitted by FRAT include a broad-based awareness campaign, promotion of vermicomposting and biogas plants for homesteads and hotels, composting-cum-power generation units for hospitals, markets and commercial institutions, and bigger plants for corporations, municipalities and panchayats.

Health hazards

Mr. Devakumar underlined the need for a study to reveal the health hazards posed by the increasing use of plastics and flex boards.

He called for stern action against litterbugs and a strategy to tackle pollution of water bodies. FRAT also recommended private participation in collection and disposal of municipal garbage.

Carbon credits

Mr. Devakumar told the committee that the country could gain carbon credits by promoting biogas production for cooking and generation of electricity. He said the organic manure manufactured as a bye-product by composting plants could be sold to farmers if the operators maintain quality.

Mr.Devakumar also called for streamlining land acquisition for garbage plants by ensuring fair price for property owners.