Mission 90 Days

“When the surprise element is lost, everything is lost. For, the commando operates quite unexpectedly when faced with an enemy,” says the lead character Major Sivaram in anger and disgust in the film.

Scripted and directed by Major Ravi, the film narrates the untold story of the commando operation to flush out the terrorists involved in Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination from a house in Bangalore.

It documents the frustrations of Major Ravi (then Captain A.K. Ravindran), who had led the mission codenamed Operation One-eyed Jack. Footages of the assassination give an authenticity to the film.

Major Sivaram (Mammootty) is a daring commando who is prepared to risk his life for the country.

He has been chosen to undertake the task of nabbing the terrorists. And he has 90 days to complete the mission.

Major Sivaram’s aim is to capture the terrorists alive. Though they reach the spot at night, a telephone call shatters their plans. The chief of the investigation would like to be physically present at the place. Darkness gives way and it is day, and people start gathering. Major Sivaram understands that they have missed the chance to take the terrorists alive.

Mammootty portrays excellently the tension of a commando when put in an unpleasant situation. The film also describes briefly a commando’s life. Binish Kodiyeri as Murugan and Radhika as Nalini perform creditably.

The cast includes Innocent, Vijayaraghavan, Lalu Alex, Tulip Joshi, Fareeda, Salim Kumar, Cochin Haneefa, Kalasala Babu, Kannan Pattambi and Sreejith Ravi. Major Ravi makes a guest appearance.

The lyrics of Vayalar Sarathchandra Varma, Sajad and Farahd have been set to music by Jaison.

The singers are Najim and Sneha. Camera has been handled by Thiru. Mission 90 Days has been produced by Sasi Ayyachira for Uthrattathi Films.