July 4

The film July 4, directed by Joshy, has unexpected twists and turns. The story is told in flashback, with the protagonist confiding his bitter experiences to a jailor. It is scripted by Sibi and Udayakrishna.

The story centres on the life of Gokul Das (Dileep), who becomes a criminal by force of circumstance. He is jailed on the charge of killing a police officer who had misbehaved with his mother, leading to her death. Traumatised by the experience, Gokul kills the police officer. He escapes to Mumbai and leads a life of crime. With time, he decides to return to his hometown to lead a quiet life.

By chance, he meets a businessman Viswanathan (Devan) and becomes his driver. Vishwanathan plans to get his daughter Sreepriya married to police officer Ramachandran (Siddique). But the plot thickens and Sreepriya and Gokul go missing.

The story then takes quite unexpected twists.

The lyrics penned by Shibu Chakravarthy are set to tune by Ouseppachan.