Road in bad shape

Ambujavilasam Road, which connects General Post Office (GPO) junction at Pulimood and old GPO junction at Vanchiyoor, is narrow, though heavy traffic runs on it from dawn to dusk on all working days. There are deep gutters on either side of the road and there is no footpath. As the gutters are not fully covered with slabs, pedestrians and two-wheeler riders find it difficult to pass through the road. Authorities concerned should initiate steps to cover the gutters with slabs before the monsoon.

Karamana Mani

Flooding of East Fort area

Flooding of the East Fort area during rain has not stopped. The Government has so far spent lakhs of rupees to solve the problem.

A tunnel, completed by the Public works Department with the assistance of the Water Resources Department, was supposed to be the solution.

But flooding continues, as was seen during the summer rain.

Water rose to the threshold of the famous Ganapathy temple.

The flooding not only affects pedestrians but also hundreds of merchants.

The stagnant water emits an unpleasant smell and helps mosquitoes breed, leading to infectious diseases such as dengue and malaria.

Why the problem cannot be solved should be inquired into. The practice of handing over Government works to private parties should be changed.

A comprehensive inquiry should be conducted into the project implementation. Stringent action should be taken against officials if lapses are found.

Also, the Government should initiate steps to solve the problem before the monsoon intensifies.

S.R. Santhosh Kumar