Votaries of the popular South Indian delicacies such as idli, vada and dosa are concerned that these harmless eats will no more find a place on the menu of the Indian Railways.

It all started with the reported decision of the Railways not to serve these items besides another popular snack banana fry on trains.

Caterers and train action committees are dashing off memoranda to Union Railway Minister Lalu Prasad on the unjustifiable ban on these snacks that are popular not only among south Indians but also among all sections of Indians and even those from abroad.

Malabar Train Action Committee chairman P.V. Gangadharan and Malabar Chamber of Commerce president P. Sakeer are among the notable votaries of the south Indian snacks and have in a joint memorandum appealed to the Union Railway Minister not to go ahead with the decision.

It is pointed out that these snacks will not be served by the pantry cars or sold on the platforms. Instead, North Indian savouries such as `pakoras' will find a place on the menu.

Reportedly, simple, convenient and easily digestible items are being replaced by spicy and high-fat content foods.