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Koyilandy municipality launches novel project

  • Salt production at Cherikuzhi in Mannamangalam
  • Salt manufactured to be used as manure and for drying fish

    KOZHIKODE: The Koyilandy municipality has launched a novel project to manufacture common salt from seawater.

    Speaking to The Hindu here on Friday, municipal chairman K. Dasan said the project, the first of its kind to be implemented by a local body in the State, could be replicated by grama panchayats, municipalities and corporations since it underlined the basic tenet of self-reliance through production of essential commodities from locally available resources such as seawater.

    "The manufacture of salt from seawater is being carried out as a first phase on the 43 cents of land at Cherikuzhi in Mannamangalam on the coastal stretch of the municipality. It is a novel initiative being carried out under the Kerala Development Project." The salt pans have been demarcated and the know-how is being provided by an expert from a common salt manufacturing society of Marakanathe in Tamil Nadu. Once the seawater is allowed to evaporate in the pans, it takes about 21 days for the salt to be ready.