Staff Reporter

Thiruvananthapuram: The personnel of the Kerala Fire and Rescue Services had a tough time on Wednesday evening removing trees that got uprooted and fell on roads, cars, houses and transformers during the heavy rains that lashed the city.

According to the rescue services personnel, one woman sustained minor injuries and three cars and two houses were damaged. Vehicular traffic was disrupted on many stretches due to trees getting uprooted.

A car parked on the University Senate Hall premises and two cars parked at the LMS compound were partially damaged as branches of trees fell on them. At Ottukuzhi, a woman sustained injuries and three houses damaged after a tree got uprooted in the rain.

In Pallimukku near Pettah, a huge tree fell on a KSEB transformer snapping power supply and disrupting traffic along the stretch. Trees also uprooted near the Asan Square, Thakaraparambu, Kaithamukku and Padma Nagar.