Staff Reporter

KOLLAM: President of the Kerala Environmental Researchers' Association Sainudeen Pattazhy has said that the high temperature being experienced now could be due to an increase in the concentration of green house gases.

In a statement here on Saturday, he said it would affect the availability of water in the State.Dr. Pattazhy, a senior lecturer at SN College in Kollam, said urgent steps should be taken to minimise the emission of carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, chlorofluorocarbon, hydrochloroflurocarbon, carbon monoxide and sulphur dioxide.

According to statistics, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in 1860 was 290 parts per million (ppm) and by 1970 it increased to 320 ppm, he said. In 1988, the concentration of carbon dioxide rose to 360 ppm and it is estimated that the figure would double by 2030.

Dr. Pattazhy said a study conducted by the International Water Management Institute stated that one-third of the countries in the world would be affected by global warming within 25 years.

Anti-pollution devices should be installed in all vehicles and industrial units, he said. Afforestation should also be promoted.