It is a world of women, moving out from the hearth and home, towards the arenas of life `Sthree Sakthi,' an exhibition of photographs by photojournalist Razack Thazhathangadi at Contemporary Art Gallery at Durbar Hall Art Centre brings to life snapshots of women making breakthroughs in life.

Subtitled, `From the background to the centrestage,' the exhibition begins with images of women engaged in traditional household chores and moves on to women making path-breaking strides in life. There are images of women performing tasks traditionally regarded as male bastions, such as climbing coconut palms or masonry work.

There are images of women engaged in agitations and political campaigns; that of Rabiya who became the icon for female power despite her physical limitations; and many other women who have made their mark in various fields of human activity.

However, the highlight of the exhibition is a session devoted to the celebrated writer Kamala Surayya.