G. Anand

Centres to be made hubs for handling cyber crimes

  • 24-hour call centre for cyber crime victims
  • Staff to be trained in using `Email Tracer,' a cyber forensic tool

    Thiruvananthapuram: Nearly 1,700 Government controlled `Akshaya' e-literacy centres in the State are being equipped to provide assistance to victims of cyber crimes. A large number of citizens rely on these centres for a wide range of IT-based services, including remittance of water and power bills.

    The State Information Technology (IT) Mission wants to make these centres the `hub' of reporting and handling common cyber crimes such as sending malicious e-mails, posting defamatory material, disseminating pornographic content, online gambling and other web-based frauds. Citizens could report cyber crimes to the police through Akshaya centres.

    K. Anwar Sadath of the IT Mission said the project was being implemented with the help of the Resource Centre For Cyber Forensics at the Centre For Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC).

    Initially, the Akshaya centre staff would be trained in using the `Email Tracer,' a cyber forensic tool developed by CDAC for tracking down senders of abusive e-mails.

    The IT Mission is planning to develop an interactive `Cyber Crimes Portal' for providing and collecting information on cyber crimes. The department is also planning a 24-hour call centre for helping cyber crime victims.

    An increasing number of citizens, particularly women, are becoming vulnerable to cyber crime with the spread of the Internet. There are an estimated 3 lakh Internet connections in Kerala, mostly narrow band and dial-up.

    Recently, CDAC experts had helped the Police High-Tech Crime Inquiry Cell track down a schoolboy responsible for hacking into the accounts of at least five Internet broadband subscribers in Kochi. The subscribers had incurred huge bills. The 15-year-old, using a specialised modem had trafficked in large amounts of audio and video data at the expense of the subscribers whose identity he had stolen by hacking into the service provider's system.