When a customer enters a shop, the salesman should not flood him or her with queries. Give enough time for the customer to find out what is available at the shop. Assist the customer to make the choice. This would be a fruitful approach, according to P.S. Sarma, a business management consultant.

Mr. Sarma advocates several other techniques in management learning sessions he organises at various places. Psychological insight is required to get the maximum results from various business deals, he says. This needs careful study of the situation and suitable action.

If a customer wants to buy a green-coloured car, do not discourage him.

Let him buy it. If he is not satisfied with the colour, he will return. The chances are that he will sell it and buy a new car. Instead, if the customer is discouraged at the initial stage itself, he may leave the shop to another, according to Mr. Sarma.

One of the ways to improve business is to provide appropriate training to the staff. Training can work wonders in ensuring a healthy business environment.

Conquering anger and presenting a pleasant attitude are attainable targets within an organisation, he says.

Anger can hardly produce results, he says, bringing forth a simple example. Business establishments will function better if the employees are motivated through simple techniques, according to him.

His consultancy sessions focus on customer service excellence, personality development and other issues. Several ventures suffer from problems arising out of behavioural inadequacies of the employees.

These could be corrected by special management sessions, he says.

The ability to identify dormant skills and talents will go a long way in achieving the goals, according to him.