Staff Reporter

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The College of Agriculture, Vellayani, near here has launched a programme for imparting computer awareness among all sections of its employees.

The programme christened `IT(at)agricampus' has been launched under the auspices of the Campus Computer Club (CCC).

Coordinator of the programme P Sanjeev told The Hindu here that nearly 250 of the 320-odd employees had applied for the courses.

He said two types of courses had been designed for the programme. First one was the computer awareness programme (CAP), which was meant for employees who had not learned English language.

This 10-hour CAP was designed to ensure that the course participants would be able to acquire computer knowledge and develop basic computer operation skills. It was also meant to induce them to use computer in their day-to-day functioning.

It also aimed at consolidating basic literacy so that the learner was enabled to retain, upgrade and use the literacy acquired. The 19-hour computer literacy programme (CLP), which is the second type of course, was meant for those who knew English and had preliminary knowledge of computers.

It would give basic awareness of the hardware and software such as different types of computers, Internet, email, web site, operating systems, Windows, MS Word and Power Point.

Mr. Sanjeev said the courses were being conducted in batches with strength of five `applicants' each.

The five-member faculty for the programme was drawn from college teachers and staff who had already acquired mastery over computer.

Two batches had already completed the CAP while the second batch's course was nearing completion in the CLP.