Smart City

The godfather-like gang leader who metes out justice to the poor, the real-estate dealer out to grab prime property by hook or crook, the corrupt minister these are some of the characters in the film, scripted and directed by B. Unnikrishnan.

Such characters had been brought together by filmmakers earlier to churn out commercially successful movies. Evidently, Unnikrishnan has attempted to emulate them in his first directorial venture. But all he could do is a poor imitation.

A 10-year-old orphan raises his hand against a police officer who commits an act of injustice. Impressed, Sekharan (Murali), the godfather-like gang leader who cares for the poor, gives him shelter.

The boy grows up to be Sekharan's most trusted associate, Madhavan (Suresh Gopi).

Sekharan's daughter Sarada (Lakshmi Gopalaswami) is married to Sarath Chandran (Manoj K. Jayan), a town planning officer.

A real-estate group, Kottooran Group, in collusion with finance minister Reghuram (Shammi Thilakan), wants to forcibly evict over 6,000 families from the land for a Smart-City-type industrial project.

Sekharan is able to foil the plans of the Kottoorans with the help of the Chief Minister (Rajan P. Dev). Thus begins the feud between the Kottoorans and Sekharan.

The real brain behind the Kottoorans and the person who remained in the background now comes out into the open. This is the only surprise or suspense in the film. He shoots dead one of Sekharan's close confidants, setting off a series of revenge killings by both sides.

The cast includes Siddique, Rajmohan Unnithan, Jayasurya, Gopika and Santhakumari.

Shibu Chakravarthy's lyrics are scored by Manikanth Kadri. Karthik, Sujatha and Saynora are the singers. M. Sivaraman and Sham Dutt crank the camera. G. Jayakumar