A one-hour documentary titled ‘To the Tribal Beats of Konyak,’ owes its birth to a sense of adventure. Lekha Raman, from Peruvamba near Payyannur, spent five days in insurgency-affected Nagaland with a three-member crew to make this documentary that focuses on the life and culture of the people of Nagaland, especially those of the Konyak tribe.

The team was constantly aware of the dangers involved, but the documentary was “worth the adventure,” Lekha said. “Initially, even Malayalis settled in Nagaland, mostly school teachers, were reluctant to host us, fearing that they might attract hostility of the insurgents,” Ms. Raman said.

Some Malayali families, however, hosted the team. The team was once confronted by a member of a Naga rebel group.

Ms. Raman wrote the script, directed and produced the documentary which dwells on the livelihood and culture of Konyak tribe, a dominant tribe in Nagaland. The documentary features the tribal folk dance and agricultural activities. It also includes interviews of the tribal chief and some Malayalis settled there.

The documentary, her first, also captures the bewitching landscape of Nagaland.

“The visit of a girl from Kerala surprised even the Konyak tribal chief.

“He was very hospitable,” she said.

Mohamed Nazeer