20 films screened at three-day event

The 72nd international film festival of Malappuram organised by the Rasmi Film Society concluded here on Sunday night. As many as 20 films were screened at the three-day fete inaugurated by M.T. Vasudevan Nair.

Several critics and lovers of cinema attended an Open Forum held on Sunday evening. Film critic Prem Chand inaugurated the session. Manambur Rajanbabu, Rasmi Film Society president, presided over the function.

Forums of creativity

Mr. Prem Chand called upon film aficionados to come forward to convert film societies into forums of creativity. “Film societies should become strong collectives of cinema creativity. Only then will we be able to raise banners of strong resistance,” he said.

Some participants raised strong objections when film critic Kunhikannan Vanimel said that children should not be prevented from watching movies with explicit sex content.

“A film is a life book. It should be read by all people irrespective of age and sex,” he said adding that the concept of platonic love had no meaning in today's world. “Changampuzha has no relevance today,” he said rejecting the concept of love propounded by the poet decades ago as anachronistic in the modern age.

Film critics Shibu Mohammed, Pramod Irumbuzhi, K. Aboobacker, Prem Anand, A. Muneer, N.B.A. Hameed and Shareef Kaap spoke. M.A. Latheef proposed a vote of thanks.