Special Correspondent

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Kerala Mahila Samakhya Society, registered by the State government, and the Social Welfare Department jointly launched a State-wide awareness campaign coinciding with Anti-dowry Day on December 26.

Dowry and domestic harassment have been identified as the two major issues affecting women in the State. Even though laws have been enacted against both the issues, it has not been possible to enforce them strictly. Problems connected with the issues are on the increase every year. The victims of domestic harassment are not getting proper justice in spite of the intervention of officials empowered to take action in such cases and other agencies serving in the area. The patrilineal attitude prevailing in society is believed to be standing in the way of taking effective action in such cases.

Similarly, the ills of the dowry system are not getting addressed because of the celebration of marriages in a lavish manner and the consumer culture prevailing in society. Woman therefore becomes a commodity for haggling in the marriage market. Woman is being denied right to property and control over assets.

The district-level programmes will discuss these issues and try to find solutions to them. The campaign will end on December 10.