Special Correspondent

Thiruvananthapuram: Students of the Government Model High School, Vettikavala in Kollam district have produced a telefilm titled ‘Anukamba’ highlighting the need to protect the environment and stamp out drug abuse among youngsters, among other things.

The 45-minute film was produced by the students with the support of teachers of the school. It focuses on environmental problems, drug abuse, and the need to develop a sympathetic attitude among students for all living beings.

The film shows the damage caused by erosion of the banks of Kallada river and how planting trees can arrest further deterioration. To highlight atmospheric pollution, it shows the fumes from a cashew factory and a father’s lecture to his daughter on the health hazards caused by inhaling the smoke.

“Compassion for living beings is a recurrent theme in the film,” says director Tenny Abraham Pidavoor. The film has an instance of a student persuading her father to rescue a young, bleeding beggar from the street and have him treated at a hospital.

The beggar is later accommodated at a rehabilitation centre. The cast comprises students and teachers. Sunny wielded the camera for the film. ‘Anukamba’ was produced by the school under an SSA (Sarva Siksha Abhiyan) project.