Staff Reporter

MARAYUR: The sandalwood auction held at the Marayur Sandalwood Division on Wednesday saw bids being placed for 14 tonnes of sandalwood.

Karnataka Soaps and Detergents Limited placed the highest bid for 13,683.60 kg at the auction at the rate of Rs.5,650 per kilo for the class 6 sandalwood. The class 6 sandalwood is known as Bagardad in trade parlance.

Oushadhi, a State government undertaking, placed bids for 1,032.80 kg.

The auction scene was dominated by various temple devaswoms which placed bids for the fragrant wood to be used in various pujas.

While Thiruvampadi Devaswom placed bids for 265.80 kg, Paramekavu Devaswom placed bids for 268.50 kg. The Cochin Devaswom Board and authorities of some private temples also took part in the process and placed orders for smaller quantities. Though the auction was over on Wednesday, only the highest bidders were announced at the end of the process. The Forest Department will wait for one more week expecting post-auction offers.