Improving public transport system will reduce congestions

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Buses cause traffic congestion in front of the G.H.S.S. Ernakulam South bus stop. Most buses stop right across the road, blocking vehicular traffic coming from South railway station. This is a daily occurrence during the rush hours. The problem can be solved by posting a policeman there and asking the buses to stop further ahead in front of the bus shelters. Another issue that needs to be taken up with the civic authorities is the non-functioning of street lights on the South Railway Station road. None of the lights have been functioning for the last few months and this causes difficulties for people arriving by late night trains.

Raj Kalliat,

Karikkamuri The problem pointed out by you seems to be genuine. We will try to get a policeman posted during peak hours and ensure that the buses stop near the shelters. The paucity of manpower is our only limitation in this regard. Regarding the issue of street lights, we have no control, but we will be addressing the Corporation in this regard.

There are two bus stops on the overbridge between Vytilla and Kundanoor, each on either side of the bridge. The traffic could become smoother and faster on this bottleneck stretch if the bus stops were shifted 100 away from the bridge.

Saurabha Ranjan,

Kochi The problem pointed out by you is correct. We are in the process of relocating bus stops and surely we will be considering this area and will rectify the defect.

Majority of the car owners in the city will be willing to travel by city buses if the city bus services are made more efficient. First of all, ask people not to use their cars a day in a week and experience the difference in the traffic flow. When they realise that they can reach their offices more quickly saving much time and petrol, I am sure, demand for regularisation of this reform will stay. Secondly, during a traffic jam, city buses must be given preference over other private vehicles to pass through the congestion. This will discourage private vehicle users in roads and people will rely more on city buses. Further to these measures, adequate number of buses must be operated to sustain the benefits of these measures for long.

Tony T. Thadathil,

Palarivattom Your suggestion is very valid and needs to be implemented in a city like Kochi. Our traffic reforms are also aimed at improving the public transport system and making it more efficient, so as to reduce the number of private vehicles on roads to ease the traffic congestion. We have now moved the government with a comprehensive proposal in this regard.

It is often noticed that the recovery vehicles pick up only the vehicles belonging to the middle class and leave the premium class. I request your intervention on this as the law is applicable to all.

Jiju V.S.,

Thripunithura The recovery vans pick up vehicles that cause obstructions on the road. We are not concerned with the make or the class of the vehicles. The recovery vans will once again be alerted to follow this policy.

Let me tell you a simple step that will definitely reduce road fatality rate. Streamlining pedestrian crossing. If the pedestrians and drivers are ready to respect the policy of using zebra lines for road crossing the quality of traffic in Kochi will improve a lot. You need to create public awareness in this regard.

Sherif Mangalath

By email Your suggestion is very valid. It is high time that we build escalators over or under the road in all the busy junctions, for crossing of pedestrians at all places is a major hindrance to traffic and also leads to numerous accidents. We have actually started a lot of awareness campaigns on the use of zebra crossings, but still much more needs to be done.

You should have the public submit videos of rash driving and action should be taken based on. We understand the police cannot be everywhere at the same time. The police in association with one of the popular channels should air daily videos of people involved in rash driving. Driving schools should teach drivers basic road manners like waiting or slowing down when people want to cross a road or when another car wants to take a u-turn and so on. They should not only emphasise on driving skills but etiquette.

David Ittycheria

By email For traffic complaints, the members of the public can call up the number 1090, 100 or our new traffic-specific complaint facility through SMS on the number 57333, which is the special traffic helpline.

You can also complain through our web site, We have tied up with various channels – both radio and TV channels for airing traffic-related information.

Other suggestions on better teaching at the driving schools, use of mobile technology and so on are good and so we will try to implement it in the near future.

A major hazard I noticed during night driving is the dazzling headlights. Most of the drivers keep on driving without dimming the head light, which causes lots of hardships to the vehicles coming from the opposite side and to pedestrians also. So please take action on this. Action should be taken against those drivers who do not dim their head lights.

E. Ravindran

Kalathiparambil Road

The traffic police and particularly the highway police concentrate on booking drivers who do not dim the lights in the night. As you have pointed out, this is a major issue leading to accidents in the night and this is a priority item with the police and we will continue to book such offenders.




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