Staff Reporter

KOCHI: The police used force to dispel a group of people belonging to the Orthodox faction of the Malankara Church after they reportedly forced their entry into the ‘Kurisupally’ near the St. Mary’s Church (Valiapally), Piravom, on Sunday evening.

Sources said that members of the Jacobite faction were in a majority in the church and the rival faction wanted to hold a family meeting in the parish hall. They were permitted to do so following talks held between representatives of either faction in the presence of the Revenue Divisional Officer. But they were not given the hall, following which they took out a rally. The police blocked the rally since members of the Jacobite faction had gathered in large numbers.

Some members of the Orthodox faction reportedly broke open the glass door of the Kurisupally and rang the bell. The police then used force to remove them. Many senior priests of the faction were present.