Staff Reporter

KOCHI: A child with a cyanotic heart disease, commonly referred to as a blue baby, was saved after she was transported by air from Mangalore to a private hospital in the city. The two-and-a-half year-old girl, Thasmira, daughter of Abdul Salam and Rasina, had developed a block in the blood vessel to the lungs. This caused the oxygen-level in her blood to dip. A surgery became necessary when the baby did not respond to medication.

Dr. Moosa Kunhi, cardiac surgeon at the city hospital, said it would have been difficult for the patient to survive a road or rail journey. The air-connectivity had actually saved the child, who needs to undergo another operation at a later date. The surgery, called BT shunt, created an alternate path for the blood to flow to and from the lungs.

From the Cochin International Airport, the baby was taken to the hospital in a specially-equipped ambulance. The child will have to attend a review check-up after three months.

Dr. Kunhi of the Sunrise Hospital here said that about four lakh children in the country are born with some kind of heart disease.