Staff Reporter

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The theatrical nature of the dialogues in the movie Akashagopuram was deliberately introduced so that justice could be done to Ibsen in whose play the movie has its roots.

K.P. Kumaran, director of the film, said this at a meet-the-press programme organised by the Press Club here on Saturday. Native usages and figures of speech would be insufficient to effect a proper poetic introduction of Ibsen, he said.

Nature of subject

The nature of the dialogue in a movie should change according to the nature of the film’s subject. “This is what I did in my movie Rukmini,” Mr. Kumaran said. “The setting of that movie was not in Kerala but in Maharashtra.”

In Akashagopuram, the characters bore the imprint of the director, but the dialogue had sought to keep intact the views of Ibsen.

Western music had been used in the movie, because it was not set in Kerala. This was not a movie that could be ignored, he added.

Mr. Kumaran’s son and producer of the film, Manu S. Kumaran, participated.