Special Correspondent

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: While the Accountant-General’s office here is striving to complete the processing and authorisation of applications for the One Rank-One Pension scheme for State government employees by August 31, it would be a long wait for around 80,000 pensioners who draw their pension through banks.

The banks have not yet furnished the details of such applicants and their authorisation would be further delayed.

About 2.5 lakh applications received up to March 31 have been registered and now they are in various stages of processing. The officers in charge of processing the applications said here on Tuesday evening that 1.12 lakh applications had been processed and despatched already. All applications submitted “in complete shape” during the period would be cleared by August 31.

A helpdesk has been set up at the office to redress the grievances of the applicants. Those who have not applied for the scheme so far can submit their applications directly at the AG’s office. The helpdesk would be strengthened after August 31.

About 10 per cent of the applications could not be processed since the applicants had not furnished the basic details and in certain cases, had given the wrong data. Such defective applications as well as those received after March 31 will be taken up from September 1 onwards.

There are certain complaints about the designation of the applicant adopted for authorising the pension.

In these cases, the authorisation was made on the basis of the pension drawn earlier, not taking into consideration the designation of the employee at the time of retirement. Such cases are being rectified after the applicants produce supporting documents.