K.S. Sudhi

KOCHI: The art of keeping the city clean is ruling the minds of Yes + these days.

The youngsters who have undergone a training of the art of living programme in Kochi hope to influence the city life in a positive by keeping clean, a portion of the city they live. Their desire to bring in changes in the city lives was presented before a panel of civic representatives recently. The panel consisted of Kochi Mayor Mercy Williams, Deputy Mayor Manisankar and Corporation Secretary Mini Antony.

“We are keen on taking care of a section of the city area and maintaining it in a clean and tidy way. It is just to tell others through example that we have the responsibility to keep the city clean,” explained Ishan George.

Mr. George was there at a meeting convened by the civic authorities to elicit the views of all those who were willing to keep the city clean.

Armed with photographs of heaps of garbage piled up in the city, Mr. George and Abraham Varghese Tharakan, another member of the Yes +, argued that a lot had to be done for keeping the city clean. The Corporation has offered the central city area including Durbar Hall and Valanjambalam for the youths to work.

The youngsters plan to formally kick off the campaign on August 15, Independence Day. A small step, it may seem. But it can certainly impact the city. In a positive way.