Staff Reporter

To destroy values of reformation

Against secularism, democracy

KOTTAYAM: The agitation unleashed by the United Democratic Front (UDF) and the Catholic Church against the content of the revised text in Class VII was part of an effort to do away with the spirit of the reformation process through which the Kerala society had passed through during the last hundred years or more, according to K.K.S. Das, general secretary of the National Dalit Liberation Front.

Speaking on the politics of text book agitation here, Mr. Das said it was the agenda of those who perpetrate religious fundamentalism that the values of the reform process were destroyed. The Kerala society had made great advances against caste supremacists and theocratic tendencies. These advances had helped to take the society into a democratic and secular system.

The current agitations were, in fact, against democracy and secularism and by joining the agitation launched by religious groups the UDF too was abetting those who side with extremism and colonial politics, he said and added that text books can never be made tools for bringing back theocratic tendencies.