Staff Reporter

KOCHI: Much to the relief of the district administration, the majority of landowners whose lands have to be acquired for the rail and road connectivity of the proposed Vallarpadam International Container Transhipment Terminal submitted the consent letters on Wednesday expressing willingness to hand over their land.

Except for two landowners in Cheranalloor, who are yet to give consent for surrendering their land, letters have been received from all the landowners. With the deadline set for submitting the consent letters expiring on Wednesday, the landowners would have had to settle for the price fixed under the Land Acquisition Act instead of the price fixed by the District Level Purchase Committee. Besides, the administration would also have been forced to resort to forceful eviction. However, the administration is in a state of confusion as it has received consent letters from 31 landowners in Cheranalloor, 15 in Eloor and 10 landowners in Kadamakkudy. For, as per the records with the administration, 26 landowners in Cheranalloor and 14 in Eloor remained to give their consent while all the landowners in Kadamakkudy had given the letters already.