Files affidavit in High Court in the Trivandrum Golf Club takeover case

Kochi: Some of the statements made by Principal Revenue Secretary Nivedita P. Haran before the Kerala High Court were incorrect, said an affidavit filed by the State government in the Trivandrum Golf Club takeover case.

In the affidavit filed on behalf of the State government, an Under Secretary in the Law Department said that the Law Secretary was attending a meeting at which the Principal Revenue Secretary was also present when the Advocate-General contacted the Law Secretary.

On getting information from the Advocate-General for keeping in abeyance the eviction proceedings against the club, the Law Secretary on the spot conveyed the message to the Revenue Secretary. She then wanted it in writing.

The Law Secretary prepared a note and sent it by a peon to the Revenue Secretary’s office. The note said that the High Court had directed that there should not be eviction till Monday. A copy of the note was forwarded to the Chief Secretary.

The note was served at the office of the Revenue Secretary before 6.30 p.m. on May 31. The statement made by the Revenue Secretary that the note of the Law Secretary reached her only by 8.30 p.m. was incorrect.

She had said that by that time, she had passed the eviction order. The Advocate-General had not contacted her over phone or his office issued any written instructions.

The court had adjourned to next week the hearing in the case. The court also dispensed with her personal appearance for the time being. The court directed her to appear for her failure to comply with the instructions of the Advocate-General.

The directive came on writ petitions filed by president of the Trivandrum Golf Club C.K. Balakrishnan Nair and others against the eviction notice.