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If a child finds it difficult to express ideas, the camp will provide brain exercises

Kochi: Children with learning disability find it difficult to comprehend. It could be poor performance in studies or a behavioural problem.

Many parents get worked up due to this. But with pressures from both the school and the parents, the child is at the receiving end.

The Learning Skills Camp at the Child Care Centre of the Kochi branch of the Indian Academy of Paediatrics aims to train children in areas where they need help.

“It could be academic deficits or a behaviour problem,” said Dr. Anita Mathew, a trainer at the Centre.

There are children with attention deficit hyperactivity and also children with anxiety.

There are different exercises for children with different problems.

“Each child usually presents a different problem”, said Dr. Mathew.

There are various tools to asses their disability and the parents are given a counselling session, which would help them understand the child and what the training attempts to do.

“For example, if a child finds it difficult to express ideas, we provide exercises to get the brain workout different situations. Once the child is able to answer the priorities of a situation, the same can be written down,” said Dr. Mathew.

Presently only a single batch of students in the 10-13 year age group is attending the five-day camp.

The Child Care Centre at Gandhinagar can be reached at 0484-2203254.