Staff Reporter

KOCHI: About 10 per cent of the population have some abnormal curvature of the spine, said a spine surgeon Dr. Suresh Pillai.

The spine normally curves forward between the shoulder blades, called kyphosis, and inward at the lower back, called lordosis.

Addressing a press meet on Tuesday with regard to the causes of curvature and treatment, Dr. Pillai said if the curvature is lateral (sideways), which is called scoliosis, it may cause pain in adults.

Scoliosis may be first noticed when clothing does not fit-in properly on the shoulders. One shoulder blade may be more prominent than the other or one side of the waist may be higher than the other.

“However, people do not realise it is an abnormality and they come for treatment only when it becomes severe. While both males and females develop scoliosis, it is in females that it progresses to a degree that requires treatment,” said Dr. Pillai.

Treatment depends upon the severity. In children, the progression can be arrested by using braces.

Remedial measures

“It will not correct the curve, however. Severe curves may requite spine fusion and to correct the deformity, in which metal rods and bone graft are used,” said Pillai.